Everglades Resort : A Recreational Island

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SUMMER 2016 ... Bring it ON !

Come see the Resort on Hatzic Lake in Mission, B.C. One hour from Vancouver, British Columbia.
The Developer of the property, Everglades Resorts Ltd., no longer owns any property and thus has no sites to sell.
However, there are resales from existing owners. With 395 total sites on the 30 acres, there is reasonable choice available for sale. Considered a unique investment, these sites stand to only climb in value.
See the for sale board at the resort.
AGM is usually in August, where a new Management Board is Elected
RV Site sizes are generally 30' frontage with 40', 50' and longer depth. Water, sewer, hydro available at all sites. Annual fees are $1500-$1800++ range with property improvements tax additional (ie for cabins) This covers all management of the park, common hydro, acct, taxes etc.
User Area (sites are not surveyed ....ie not 'lots') prices range from about $20,000 (if you are lucky) to $60,000 and over, with well over $100,000 for nice sites with cabins or improvements. Waterfront is obviously at the higher end. The sites are only for RVs and trailers ... ie no new construction is allowed other than sheds and decks etc.
There is no problem with pets... max. 2 per site.
The only restrictions on visitors is that shouldn't be too many or too noisy. Generally, weekend quiet time is after midnight. The zoning for the property does NOT permit year round living. Since the resort was in place prior to 1970, some Grandfathering is to be considered.
The resort is gated, so if you'd like to have a peak, CALL THE MANAGEMENT BOARD.
Thanks for stopping in.

CANADA DAY - 2006 ! - Jumping Jack Flash ... camera in hand.
Picnic'g for those on the GO ! - Everglades - home of motorized picnic tables.
Boat Parking Lot improvements! - Thanks to Rick Gaunt and the maintenance crew. Filed by roving reporter, Jack McKay.
2005 Corn Roast ! - Labour Day Long Weekend, 2005 with photos from Jack McKay.
2004 Corn Roast ! - Labour Day Long Weekend, 2004 with photos from Jack McKay.

2002 Corn Roast - September 1, 2002. With Annie Lemay's photos as well
Mud Bowl on the 2001 Thanksgiving long weekend. Players got mighty dirty and fans had a hoot :-)
2001 Corn Roast and the Bob St. Pierre Memorial Croquet Tournament - September 2, 2001. All owners and guests were treated to an exceptional day :-)

The Corn Roast was a great party ! We've got pictures in
the GALLERY Directory - September Labour Day Weekend 2005

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