Everglades Resort


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Check the Fraser River Water Levels at the Weather Office (new window).
See Historic River & Lake Levels from 1949. Plot you own period at www.missionbc.com/lakelevel/.


Downloadable PDF documents of interest to owners :
  • Site Plan 395 sites / 365 User Areas in pdf format. (evergladesplan.pdf - 39K bytes).
  • Shaded Site Plan Updated in 2000 in pdf format. (siteplan_shaded.pdf - 376K bytes).
  • The User Agreement (UserAgreement.pdf - 117K bytes). The User Agreement is the governing document for the resort. Sections of the Strata Titles Act of 1974 are referenced in the UA.
  • The User Agreement in booklet form. Print double sided to create a booklet. (UserAgreement_book.pdf - 283K bytes)
  • The Rules and Regulations - Set at June 2006 AGM - 2006/2007 (EvergladesRules2006-2007.pdf - 198K bytes)
  • Minutes of the Management Board meetings: Contact Management Board - (604) 826-3858
  • SEE ALSO the Management Board page